The Wallet Payment System

Our wallet is a digital wallet that holds funds in trust until a specific condition is met. For Hire Freelancer Pro, this condition is the completion, by a Freelancer, of a task or job, reaching an agreed Milestone or having completed an agreed number of hours.

How does our wallet payment system work?

When a Client and a Freelancer agree terms to work together the Client will accept the Freelancer’s Proposal and as part of that acceptance procedure will deposit funds into the wallet equal to the agreed cost of the work or an amount relating to the proposed hours to be spent.

These funds will then appear in the Freelancer’s Wallet but will be held in trust by Hire Freelancer Pro until the Client approves the work undertaken and authorizes the release of the funds. Please refer to the specific Freelancer Terms Page if you are a Freelancer or the Client Terms Page if you are a Client.

Why do we use a wallet system?

Our wallet system offers several benefits for both Clients and Freelancers. For Clients, the wallet provides peace of mind knowing that their funds are securely held until the work they have authorized has been completed to their satisfaction.  For Freelancers, the wallet provides them with the security of knowing the Client has already funded the work and that they will receive the agreed payment as soon as the terms of their contract have been discharged.