We are sure you will be wondering if Hire Freelancer Pro is the right place for you. You probably have a few questions and we hope we have some answers for you.


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  1. You can look for a Freelancer who is offering the service or skill you need for your task, or
  2. You can search the skill categories to see if there are any Freelancers with the skills required, or
  3. You can advertise your task and wait for Freelancers to apply for the job.

A. Yes.  We have two options for this either using the chat/messaging option or via Zoom. Access to both these facilities is available from your Client dashboard once you have registered.

A. We believe our qualified Freelancers should be adequately rewarded for their endeavors taking into account their expertise, equipment, and working costs. However, once you have found a Freelancer who you believe will be able to undertake your task you are able to negotiate a fee below the minimum if that is acceptable to both parties.  The minimums stated relate only to the rate to be displayed in the project advert and not the final agreed price which can be more or less than that originally quoted.

A. The Wallet Payment System is a means of providing a payment guarantee to both Freelancers and Clients.  When a freelancer and client agree terms, before the contract is finalized you, the Client, are required to deposit the agreed cost into your Wallet which will also be displayed in the Freelancer’s Wallet.  This confirms to the Freelancer that you have paid for the work to be undertaken.  However, the Freelancer cannot withdraw the payment until you confirm the conditions of the contract have been fulfilled.  At that point, the Freelancer has access to the funds for withdrawal. If the work is not completed satisfactorily and an agreement between you and the freelancer is not possible Hire Freelancer Pro’s dispute system will determine the outcome and either release the funds to the freelancer or return them to you.

A. Yes. You do however first need to Register.  After registration, you can choose either:

  1. A Basic Plan which allows you to freely advertise as many jobs as you wish without restriction including up to two Featured jobs to gain higher visibility, or
  2. A Business Plan that provides the same free job adverts, unlimited Featured Jobs, a detailed employer profile, and the ability to “bump up” your job advert.

    See Employer Packages for full details.

A. All projects are displayed for 15 days and then will be deleted automatically. If you have not found a Freelancer by this time we recommend you reconsider the job description, price, and conditions as we generally find appropriate tasks receive rapid proposals.  If you have found a Freelancer and allocated the job please delete your project to avoid receiving additional proposals and disappointing other Freelancers who may assume you are still looking.

A. This is a security check to avoid bots adding jobs and to ensure projects advertised conform to our Terms and Conditions. Approval will normally be given almost immediately but if there is a problem you will be contacted with recommendations to amend your job listing.

  1. Yes you can. In fact, we recommend you include this in your project details and use our service to try out a remote worker before offering a permanent position.  We recognize that remote recruitment is more complex than when a local interview is possible. Tests can be arranged but these are not the same as real-life situations where interaction between employees or clients is important or response times to urgent requests may be required. We suggest providing the Freelancer or future remote employee a series of paid tasks via our platform to test suitability in real work situations.

Please note that unlike other platforms we do not charge a fee if a Freelancer becomes an employee after working via Hire Freelancer Pro. This is a considerable saving when you consider that Upwork’s Conversion Fee is 13.5% of a Freelancer’s estimated annual earnings.