Client Terms and Conditions

Thank you for considering Hire Freelancer Pro as the platform to search and find a Freelancer for your task. The following are aspects specific to your use of our platform as a client and are in addition to the General Terms and Conditions:

Thank you for considering Hire Freelancer Pro as the platform to search and find a Freelancer for your task. The following are aspects specific to your use of our platform as a client and are in addition to the General Terms and Conditions:

Please note where “User” is mentioned this can refer to either a Client or a Freelancer as a user of the site and it’s facilities.

1. Eligibility

1.1. To use our platform, you must be an individual who is at least 18 years of age. If you create an Account as an employee or agent on behalf of a company, you represent and warrant that you are authorized to enter into binding contracts, including our Terms and Conditions, on behalf of yourself and the company. More than one person can create an Account as an employee or agent on behalf of the same company.

1.2. During registration, you may be asked to provide valid identity documents and proof of address for verification purposes. These may be a company registration copy or an individual’s identity document.

Why do we do this?

As with our Freelancers, we want to ensure we are dealing with real people who want to use our services and that jobs advertised are genuine and not created by bots.

1.3. You are required to sign up for one of the Client Membership Packages. The Basic Plan is Free and allows unlimited job projects to be posted. It does limit Featured job posts and does not enable a client profile to be displayed.  Our Business Plan, priced at $50 allows upgraded benefits. Both plans can be viewed once registration has been completed and you are free to choose the plan most suitable for your circumstances.

1.4. You can post jobs by clicking the Create Project button at the top right of the page and completing the information and details requested.

1.5. As an alternative to posting a Project you can carry out a search of all our registered Freelancers incluing those who have added services to their profile to see if a suitable Freelancer with the appropriate qualifications or experience is available.

1.6. Posted projects will automatically expire after 15 days. If you have been unable to find a suitable Freelancer during this period you can repost the project.

1.7. Full or Long Term Contracts:

As outlined in our General Terms and Conditions we welcome Clients who may be looking for Freelancers or Remote Workers on a longer term basis

We recognise that recruitment at a distance is a lot more difficult when a person is not able to be individually interviewed on a one to one basis.  We believe Hire Freelancer Pro offers the ideal solution by enabling you to engage a Freelancer to carry out some paid tasks via our platform providing you with the opportunity to access ability and fit within your business.  If you find a Freelancer who meets you criteria you can then offer a direct contract without any of the costs normally associated with using a Recruitment Agency.  We recommend that if you are seeking a long term relationship with a Freelancer you mention this in your Project Posting to attract proposals from suitable Freelancers.

Of course, the Wallet Payment System will no longer apply nor will our dispute option as the relationship will be directly between the Client and the Freelancer.

2. Communication and Negotiation

2.1. When you receive proposals from Freelancers you can communicate directly using our Messenger and Chat facilities or via Zoom which is also available for both Clients and Freelancers.


2.2. We highly recommend using these facilities to ensure that the Freelancer you are considering engaging has a complete understanding of the work required and has the experience and ability to complete the work within any necessary time frame.

2.3. Once you have decided to offer a contract to a Freelance you can do so by accepting the proposal and then funding the project.

2.4. Funding is facilitated using our Wallet Payment System. The agreed amount will be displayed both in your Wallet and the Freelancers Wallet verifying the agreed amount of the contract.

2.5. The options available are:

  1. Fixed Amount.
  2. Fixed Amount with Milestones
  3. Hourly.

2.6. Once the work is completed, a milestone has been reached, or the hours contracted have been completed, payment will be made to the Freelancer and removed from your Wallet.


3.1. There is no cost to advertise a Project on Hire Freelancer Pro. We do offer a paid plan that offers additional features and  Featured Project promotions if you wish to take advantage of that facility.


3.2. A fee to Hire Freelancer Pro becomes payable if you offer and accept a proposal from a Freelancer. That is a fee in addition to the amount payable to the Freelancer for the work they will undertake.


3.3. Unlike our competitors in the Freelancer Marketplace we do NOT charge Freelancers to apply for projects NOR do we deduct any percentage from the amount a client has agreed to pay for a project. Freelancers will receive 100% of the contract price.


3.4. The fee payable is a flat 10% of the contract price agreed between a Client and a Freelancer.  To be clear this means if the agreement between a client and a Freelance is for work totaling $100 the Client will pay $110 to Hire Freelancer Pro.  


We recommend you take this into account when negotiating prices with Freelancers for the work you require.

3.5. Minimum Prices:


The minimum price level for Fixed Price Projects advertised on Hire Freelancer Pro is no less than $50.


The minimum price level for Hourly Rate Projects advertised on Hire Freelancer Pro is no less than $5 per hour.


All projects are scrutinized before being published and any projects not offering the minimum rates will be declined. 


Why do we do this?

In the first place, we believe that our Pro Freelancers have expended considerable costs to both achieve and maintain their level of expertise and have ongoing expenditure of Expensive Equipment, Software, Internet, and Electricity costs and we believe they should be compensated accordingly.

Secondly, as far as Hire Freelancer Pro is concerned covering the costs of managing a large number of very small payments is not cost-effective and would mean charging higher prices to Clients or increasing Membership fees to Freelancers which we wish to avoid.



4.1. We appreciate that clients might be tempted to offer a private arrangement to Freelancers to avoid the fee payable to Hire Freelancer Pro.  Freelancers have nothing to gain from this as they receive 100% of the contract price and have the guarantee of payment as the funds will have been deposited and are held in their Wallet

4.2. If a Client does arrange a private agreement with a Freelancer for work outside of Hire Freelancer Pro then the availability of the Dispute procedure will not be available in the event that the work does not meet the required standard or if any peripheral damage results. Please refer to our General Terms and Conditions for more detailed information.


5.1. Hire Freelancer Pro offers a platform that enables Users (Freelancers and Clients) to find one another, enter into service relationships and agreements, receive and provide Freelancer Services, and make and receive payments through our Wallet Payment System. Hire Freelancer Pro neither performs nor employs individuals to perform Freelancer Services. You acknowledge and agree that Hire Freelancer Pro does not supervise, direct, control, or monitor Users in the performance of any contractual obligations they may have entered into and agree that: 

(a) Hire Freelancer Pro is not responsible for ensuring the accuracy or legality of any User Content, for which Users are solely responsible; 

(b) Hire Freelancer Pro is not responsible for the offering, performance, or procurement of Freelancer Services, 

(c) Hire Freelancer Pro does not make any representations about or guarantee any particular User’s offered services, and 

(d) Nothing will create an employment, agency, or joint venture relationship between Hire Freelancer Pro and any User offering services. While Hire Freelancer Pro may display Reviews on Freelancer or Client profiles, these do not provide a guarantee of quality, ability, or willingness of the reviewed Freelancer or Client to complete a Service Contract.

You further acknowledge and agree that Users, and not Hire Freelancer Pro, are solely responsible for:

(a) evaluating and determining the suitability of any Project, Client, or Freelancer; 

(b) assessing whether to enter into a Contract with another User and verifying any information about Users; 

(c) deciding whether to enter into a Contract on Hire Freelancer Pro as well as the contract terms, and 

(d) negotiating, agreeing to, and executing any terms or conditions of the contracts and for performing and monitoring performance under them.

All Contracts between Users are directly between the Users and Hire Freelancer Pro is not a party to those contracts.